Please try the latest version of a different browser like Chrome or Firefox. If it still does not work please report it to us with your Operating System and Browser information. We will try to fix it as soon as possible. Sometimes office IT blocks external websites like Google, Dropbox etc. It may not work if you are using TimeTackle from such network. Please try to use from a different network, or ask your IT to allow using our website. We have Enterprise grade security policy in place to comply with modern IT security standard. Please contact us if you have further question regarding it.
Possibly the browser is not being able to detect your timezone correctly. Please select the correct timezone in Exporter from Advanced > Timezone.
Make sure you can see the calendar in Google Calendar either under My calendars or Other calendars section. if you don’t see it there you probably have hidden the calendar or removed it from your list. You can unhide it by going to Calendar Settings and checking SHOW IN LIST for that calendar. If it is someone else's calendar make sure you add that calendar from Other calendars and get required permissions. As always feel free to reach us via Support if you still can not figure it out.
Yes, templates are here for your rescue. You can fill in everything in the form and save that custom setup as a template via Template > Save Template. Next time you can simply load that template from Load Template, fill in the dates and export. Using template you can convert your complex process into only three quick steps. Templating also helps to avoid human mistakes that may happen while filling out the form.

You can use recurrent export feature to automate your workflow. To do that, at first, you will have to create a custom template with the calendars you want to use. Create the template with your custom setup if you don’t already have it. Now go to Recurring Exports tab to create automatic recurrent exports. First select how often you want to export (Repeat). You can chose from Daily, Weekly and Monthly. For Weekly you can select the day of week and for Monthly you can select the date of month you want the export to happen. Then select the Duration of the export. Please check the Summary section to make sure you have the correct configuration. Click Create Recurrent Export button when you are done. You will get your Excel file emailed to your account periodically.

FYI, currently we support only past duration, that is if you have a Weekly recurrent export scheduled for every Monday with 1 week duration, the export will contain entries from last week before the Monday. We are working on to support future export so that we can also allow exporting future events. If you need that feature please let us know via Support so that we can prioritize this feature accordingly.

Attendee related fields and filters can be found under Attendee section in the Exporter form.
Please check Additional > Options > Sum all in the Exporter form to calculate the sum of all event durations. If you are logging your work hours in your calendar then this sum is the total number of hours worked.
In the Exporter form please check Additional > Additional fields > Day total to calculate total duration for each day. This will create a new column and put the the total for every day there.
You should be able to modify Date time format from DateTime Format section. You can change the date separator and clock style (24 hours or AM/PM). For duration you can select duration in decimal. Please don’t hesitate to contact Support if our current solution does not support the format you need.
Our PDF export may not render correctly. It’s a known issue and we don’t have any fix yet. We would suggest that you export to HTML instead. Windows users can use Google Chrome to print the HTML export to PDF. To do that in Google Chrome click File > Print. Click the Change button under Destination and select Save as PDF. Please read this How To guide if you don’t want to use Google Chrome. Apple Mac users can use built in File > Print > PDF > Save as PDF to save the HTML as PDF from any browser.
There are several ways to get support. The recommended way is to ask for support is from our Support. You can also contact us via our Facebook page, and Twitter.
You can request for a new feature via any of our support pages: Support, Facebook, or Twitter. We sometimes put up a Feedback form in Exporter page specifically for feature requests. We always love to hear our users' suggestions, ideas and feature requests and try to incorporate them in our product.
TimeTackle uses the latest Google API for secured login. This API is built on OAuth 2.0 protocol which is the latest evolution of the most proven standard of authentication and authorization for secured delegated access. On top of it all communication between TimeTackle and Google happens via HTTPS (HTTP over SSL or HTTP Secure) to make sure no one else can sniff your data. Moreover TimeTackle website itself uses HTTPS with 256-bit encryption for all transactions.
No. TimeTackle does not need or even take your password. You will login to Google via its own website and Google will provide TimeTackle a secured limited delegated access via its API.
Only people you share the exported file or a shareable link to the file.
We don't sell or give your email address to anyone else. Your email address is only used to communicate with you from TimeTackle.
TimeTackle can access your Google calendars, your email address and your public profile information. It can not access anything else (such as emails or documents etc).
To reset your permission please go to your Google Permissions page. Find there and click the "Remove" button next to it. This should revoke the permission you granted.
Not a problem. Please send your email id to with Subject "TimeTackle - Email Subscription" and we'll re-subscribe you.
We use Stripe as our payment service provider. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available. So you can be rest assured that security is not an issue. Also, for your peace of mind, we will refund you the full amount if you find something wrong with charging.
Yes, ofcourse! In case you find it not useful enough just email us within 48 hours of subscription and we will happilly refund the full amount.
Just email us at with the email id associated with your account and we will cancel your subscription right away. It may take upto 72 hours to cancel. If any additional charge may happen between your cancellation request and actual cancellation we will refund the amount.